Complete list of all 459 ChatGPT Plugins

I'll help recruiters, employers, and business owners prepare for job interviews to enhance the hiring process.

Retrieve hashtag follower counts, trends & suggestions to increase your content reach on LinkedIn.

Clinical trial discovery tool for patients, caregivers, healthcare & biotech pros.

Create quizzes, forms, slides, surveys, polls, worksheets & flashcards. Fun themes, memes & modes.

I'll create good-looking PDF job offers for business owners, HR and recruiters to enhance the hiring process.

Ask questions to a youtube video.

Calls Autolab to compute bounds on causal queries.

Script-to-Video: Effortless, quick, and vivid storytelling.

IoTHub: Control your Ecobee Thermostats and IoT devices from anywhere.

Add 'RECOP' to your prompt to get relevant OpenPlugin-supported plugins recommended with sandboxes.

Mermaid Diagrams, Schemes for Presentations, Analysis, research websites, pie charts.

Guide Your Content Quality with Google E-E-A-T: Continuously Elevate Your SEO Ranking!

Create interactive lessons from online articles or Youtube videos.

App for rolling dice using the d20 or Fate/Fudge systems.

Get site score of a website.

Alpha News provides access to >80k news sources, letting you search for topics, publications, and trending stories.

Access comprehensive, up-to-date insights into the latest research and developments in quantum computing papers.

Create impressive cover letters using your resume and job details. Ideal for job seekers and career changers.

Find your dream job in Switzerland. 100’000+ job openings await you! (beta)

Discover, read, reference, and search through all arXiv papers.

Plugin for all your video game needs. Details on the latest games, including images, reviews & videos.

Find out which products are best for you in Japan. You can ask for recommended products.

An interactive plugin for 1-800-glass!

An interactive plugin for websitestore

Send GitHub link and ask any aspect of the code.

Enter any URL and keyword and get an On-Page SEO analysis & insights!

Find job & career insights from the top 10 platforms to match your skills with titles powered by Canar.AI!

Earnr provides tax calculators and answers to questions related to UK tax and accounting.

Enter any URL and have the text content summarized for you!

I deliver a selection of the main news and the important events of the day to inform you. Native language: Portuguese.

Read and search data from URL link to website / webpage. Supports PDF, Word files, Excel, CSV, Google Drive and more.

Explore any location with a visual street view perspective.

Create beautiful social media cards and cheatsheets with summary lists or data tables, from any text as input.

Search the economic stats or ETF from and get newest value.

Chat with the GaryVee Keynote Speeches Library on Spext.

Generate cold emails to increase your engagement and grow your business.

Chat with the Prof G Markets Podcast on Spext.

Chat with the Positioning with April Dunford Podcast library on Spext.

Chat with the Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People Podcast library on Spext.

Stay updated with the latest news from blue News.

Analyze Taiwan stocks and get exclusive investing data from leading fintech CMoney in Taiwan.

Unleash your inner detective! Choose era, theme, victim & challenge. Solve your own crime!

Check that Dafny code passes the verifier, without executing the code.

Travel Planning assists in planning your trip. It generates a map with all the places and webpages for you to share.

A companion to structure ideas to conceptmaps.

Chat with the Think School library on Spext.

Create simple project plans that open directly in Project Plan 365 or export to MS Project's MPP format for free!

Сrypto research assistant by Everstake. Real-time updates on APY, price, total stake data and more for PoS blockchains.

I'll redesign your resume or CV, optimize for ATS and tailor it to your targeted job role.

Generate QR code for any any requirement, Text, Url , V card and more.