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Basic membership
  • For human usage on the web only (does not support API requests)
  • Unlimited usage for the following models:
    ChatGPT v3.5
    ChatGPT v3.5 (16K)
    Google Bard
    Anthropic Claude Instant
    SD Upscale
  • Create custom bot with your own system message
VIP membership
👍 Best deal
  • For human usage on the web only (does not support API requests)
  • Unlimited usage for the following models:
    All models from Basic membership
    ChatGPT v4.0 (GPT-4 with Vision)
    DALL·E 3
    Anthropic Claude V2
    AI21 Labs Jurassic-2 Ultra
    Stable Diffusion XL
    Google Imagegen
  • Create advanced custom bot with your own system message, and support:
  • Add plugins
    Code interpreter

Purchase 💎

Pay-as-you-go. Gems can be used for chat conversations, generate AI images, reset timer, etc. Can be used for both web and API.



How do I access my past invoice?

Click on Invoice history to access your past invoice.

What is the difference between ChatbotsPlace and ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. You can use it at ChatbotsPlace provides more than just ChatGPT. We also support chatbots and AI image generation tools from other companies. We allow you to use many different AI tools with a single subscription.

Is ChatbotsPlace free to use?

You can use ChatbotsPlace to talk to ChatGPT up to 10 times. After that you will need to wait a few hours before using it again. Subscribing to our membership subscription plan will allow you to have unlimited conversation without waiting.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with our membership subscription, please reach out to us at within 3 days for a full refund. After 3 days, we may still offer partial / full refund for legitimate reasons.

What happen when I upgrade to a subscription?

If you already have an auto-renew subscription, it will be cancelled when you subscribe to a new subscription, and you will get a prorated refunds on the remaining time of your existing subscription. If your existing subscription does not have auto-renewal, then the best active subscription will be used until it expires, but you will not receive a refund automatically. You may contact us at to request a manual refund.